Read My Lips: Greece Will Most Likely Default!

I find it funny how the market is repricing that the EU will support Greece. The EU might support Greece, but not with Germany’s money. Without any cuts there is NO WAY, and I really do mean NO WAY that Germany will provide money for Greece. I was talking to some Germans in Germany and (more…)

Is Goldman’s Going Down?

I have been following this Greece situation quite closely and today I read something that is making me think of what the next potential step may be. EU spokesman Amadeu Altafaj Tardio says the EU executive has given Greece an end-of-February deadline to give details on how deals called currency swaps affected government accounts since (more…)

I Think Greece Will Default, But The Euro Will Survive Nicely!

Many of you might be thinking, “Christian are you off your rocker… If Greece goes under the Euro zone will go under…” I say, no, it will in fact strengthen the Euro zone because a precedent has been set. Namely that the Eurozone must clean up its act and balance its budgets. The Greek prime (more…)

Dick Brass: Microsoft’s Creative Destruction

Many of you know that while I use Microsoft’s products I am very critical of the management. Especially when news on Windows Mobile 7 come out that makes the Microsoft mobile OS seem like an iPhone. Later this month, Microsoft will most likely unveil Windows Mobile 7 Windows Phone 7 at the Mobile World Congress. (more…)

Patrick Makes An Excellent Point

I am going to post Patrick’s comment in its entirety, because it is very insightful: What’s your long-term on gold? As the half-life between bubbles gets smaller, we approach a 1987 moment most likely where not just extreme volume ratios but infrastructure drop the market. Remember in 2008 it was metals in Feb/March, Grains in (more…)

Hedge Funds are Doing REAL Damage!

I read the story on how everybody is nervous on the Euro. What I find completely hilarious about all of this is that for every cent the Euro looses strength it is about 0.50 to 2 cents earnings from many of the big global corporations in the US. Here is my list, Starbucks, Visa, Mc (more…)

Thank-you Apple For NOT Supporting Flash!

Adobe is crying that Apple is not supporting Flash on the iPad. Apple, I want to thank you that you are not supporting it. Sure I miss on certain applications, but thus far it has not hampered my browsing experience. By Rochelle Garner      Jan. 28 (Bloomberg) — Adobe Systems Inc., maker of the Flash (more…)

Off Topic: Barefoot Running…

I just saw a report that said barefoot runners do less damage to their body, at least according to the study. Runners who eschew shoes may be less likely to do serious injury to their feet, because they hold their feet differently, Daniel Lieberman of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts and colleagues found. Writing in (more…)