Bitcoin SV Wash Trading

Rick D. at digs into a theory for the recent spikes in the Bitcoin SV price. Is it from a BSV miner mining BCH instead, selling that BCH, then “wash trading” BSV on exchanges which pumps the volume and price. The original Twitter thread by @vinarmani can be found here. It’s actually a pretty (more…)

Some InvestorGeeks (and other) Updates

1. We have a new author! His name is Alex, and he’s already published a great article on alternative energy that is getting some attention in the comments. View the great discussion over there. 2. People are signing up for the mailing list. Good. I still have no idea what we’ll do with it. In (more…)


Just a quick note to say I think the market has had its major top.

I am going to wait for a pullback tomorrow (Wednesday 25th July) and have an open order to go short SDS at $51. Hopefully this will get filled in the next day or two.

Jim Cramer on Hedge Funds Manipulating the Market

Some good stuff from an interview with Jim Cramer here on YouTube. I think we have a few months left on our subscription. I might check out their TV offerings a bit more. I hear that WallStrip is over there now too.

Cap Rates

What is a cap rate? A cap rate (or capitalization rate) is the net operating income divided by the price of a property. If you have a $100,000 property and its net operating income is $10,000 the cap rate for this property is 10%.

What does this mean to you? How have cap rates affected the current real estate boom?

Intro to Real Estate Investing

Real estate investors have become a cliché during the past 3-4 years. It seems like everyone you talk to is a real estate investor or knows someone who is. What makes real estate investing so popular? In the past few years you could do no wrong with real estate. With profits in the five and six figure ranges, one profitable real estate deal would exceed most people’s yearly pay.

Keep Tabs on All Our Investor Geeks

I’ve thrown together a few tools you guys can use to keep tabs on us. Subscribing to the InvestorGeeks feed is the first way, but we also do a lot of writing outside of the site. At, you can use our custom-configured InvestorGeeks_Authors search engine which will search through a list of all the (more…)

Business News from Around the Web

From time to time I find things on the web that pique my interest. And from time to time I’ll share those items with you. So here goes. NPR has some Financial Advice for Twenty-Somethings. The Baltimore Sun has an article describing what those with interest-only loans set to reset in the coming year (up (more…)

My Memorable Failure

Sherman, set the wayback machine to the winter of 1999! This was a time when everyone thought they were a financial genius. You couldn’t loose, or so we thought. I was a conservative investor even in those days but a co-worker was talking about a great investment tip he heard from a friend who had heard it from their doctor. That in it self should have been a sign.