Apple. When are the fundamentals of the stock ever going to take charge of its price?

This post is inspired by a post by the user cyice on Stocktwits, who said: “when are the fundamentals of the stock ever going to take charge of its price“. At $110 a share, Apple ($AAPL) is down around $20 or 16% from it’s highs just over $132. The stock trades at a PE ratio (more…)

NFLX (Netflix) Technical Analysis

Netflix is another company I’m accumulating stock in for a long term play. Until recently, NFLX was one of those stocks I always wanted to buy into but thought it was overpriced. I waited for a pull back that never came until… all the hoop la last fall. Assuming subscribers and revenue can grow faster (more…)

MSFT (Microsoft) Technical Analysis

I bought a chunk of Microsoft (MSFT) stock at $25. At the time, my thinking was “why does MSFT have a PE below 10”? While a stock like AAPL is priced for perfection (which they keep delivering), at a 10 PE Microsoft was priced for mediocrity… and it’s been treading water it has for the (more…)

GOOG (Google) Technical Analysis

Today I’ll show a couple charts for Google (GOOG), which I am accumulating in my retirement account. My strategy with Google is to get as many shares as possible as cheaply as possible. I have some targets where I’d be stupid not to sell, but in general GOOG prices stay fairly valued to my estimates. (more…)

ATVI (Activision Blizzard) Technical Analysis

I’m going to post some charts of “my book” over the next few days. I may post things from my watch list, and I will try to post updates on these as needed. First up is Activision Blizzard (ATVI), which I bought last year basically so I could own a piece of Blizzard. Blizzard is (more…)

Check Out

Got an email from the friendly folks at I’m sure you all have your favorite chart sites and tools. Most of these sites don’t offer much more than the basics or hide some stuff behind fees. So I almost didn’t look at YCharts. However, their charts are really nice, and they can chart some (more…)

Apple and Goldman Overlay Chart is Interesting

via Crossing WallStreet: For about 18 months, the share prices of Apple (AAPL) and Goldman Sachs (GS) followed each other pretty closely (though Apple has many more shares outstanding). As recently as six months ago, both stocks had the same share price. Today, however, Apple’s stock is worth $85 more than Goldman.

Has Mike Carson Disproven Efficient Market Theory Using

On March 23, Mike from announced that he had “Absolute proof that the Efficient Market Hypothesis is incorrect, that Technical Analysis works, and that I wasted too much time on“.

Here’s a bit of a time line before and since:

March 20, 2008: is listed in the “links for” post at

March 21, 2008: TechCrunch posts an article about a new “Time Waster” called, and the rest of us notice this site that “has been around for a while”.

March 22, 2008: Ugly posts How to turn $100,000 into $6 Billion+ on, including this video:

[video after the break]