Digging into Pfizer PFE, Part 2

Last month I took an initial look at Pfizer, the company and the stock. In that post, I go through the process I typically do when looking at a stock with fresh eyes. I checked out the charts to get a handle for the recent price action, did a little reading, and browsed the company’s (more…)

Digging into Pfizer PFE, Part 1

I own very few biotech or pharma stocks. I heard the boys on The Compound talking about going long Pfizer recently, and so I thought it would be worth a look. The Pfizer comment was casually dropped toward the end of this episode of The Compound with Friends with JC Parets and Joe Fahmy as (more…)

Checking in on Microsoft Stock MSFT

Microsoft is a core holding for me. It’s the #1 position in my main brokerage account and about 7% of my retirement account. A little bit of history. I held Microsoft through some flat years 2003-2013 or so. In 2014, Satya Nadella came in as CEO and brought MSFT back as a growth stock. Since (more…)

Fair Value Calculation for Snowflake $SNOW

As we enter (or exit?) this bear market in stocks, there will be some buying opportunities. How do you know if that stock that just fell 80% is "on sale" or not? This is not investment advice, but an example 🧵 on how I calculate "fair value" for a stock before investing in it. I'm (more…)

Coinbase Reminds Me of Apple, Netflix, and Tesla

This image comparing Tesla’s market cap to the market caps of traditional car companies went viral this week. I think there’s going to be a similar graphic for Coinbase in 5-10 years. I'm getting vibes from Coinbase lately that reminds me of Apple, Netflix, and Tesla in years past. Investments I made that have all (more…)

Tesla Update. Two Key Lessons.

I took some profits in my Tesla ($TSLA) position yesterday for the first time in 7 years. Technically, this was my second time taking profits, but the last I rolled my profit into Solar City ($SCTY), which was acquired by Tesla a year later. Tesla’s share price was up over 50% on the week and (more…)

Jason’s Portfolio April 2016

I thought it my be useful for myself and others if I list out the stocks in my portfolio and watch list. I have informal categories for each stock I own based on whether I’m looking to buy, hold, or sell. I’d like to make those categories a bit more formal in this post and (more…)

When does Twitter Stock become cheap?

I’m reading the book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari. In a section on the Agricultural revolution, Harari reminds us that while farming allowed human populations to grow, the quality of life for the average farmer was worse than the average hunter-gatherer. Farmers worked longer hours, with worse health, and generally lived (more…)

Apple. When are the fundamentals of the stock ever going to take charge of its price?

This post is inspired by a post by the user cyice on Stocktwits, who said: “when are the fundamentals of the stock ever going to take charge of its price“. At $110 a share, Apple ($AAPL) is down around $20 or 16% from it’s highs just over $132. The stock trades at a PE ratio (more…)