2007 Giving

I just wanted to do a nice recap of the donations we made on behalf of InvestorGeeks in 2007. All totaled, we gave a tad over $2000 in 2007. We’re looking to nearly double that in 2008… as long as our traffic and advertising relationships hold up.

2007 InvestorGeeks Donations
– $400 to The Arthritis Foundation for Steve’s Race
– $300 to The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation for my cousin Candice’s Run for the Cure

(these below were squeezed in at the end of the year and previously unannounced on the blog here)

– $300 to Karen’s Walk, a 5K Run/Walk that sponsors heart failure research in memory of Karen Decker. Karen was a former classmate of Frank’s at RIT.
– $200 to the One Laptop Per Child program through the Give One Get One program. We haven’t gotten our laptop yet, but I’ll let you know when I do. We’ll likely play with it a bit and find some way to donate it or maybe give it away in a contest.
– $400 to Child’s Play, a charity that gives video games and other toys to sick children in hospitals across the United States.
– $400 to NPR, specifically WNYC 93.9 out of New York. That’s the station Chris listens to and one I listened to when I was working in New Jersey.

For 2008, I’d like to donate some money to my alma mater Haverford College. I’m also training to swim/bike/run a triathalon this summer. If that goes well, I’m sure I could find a cause to swim, bike, or run for instead of getting Steve and Candice to do the hard work.

Any other charity ideas for 2008?

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

CandiceMy cousin Candice, who just moved to Toronto, ran in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Race for the Cure last week. InvestorGeeks donated $300 on her behalf, and Candice was able to raise $525 total to help fund breast cancer research and awareness programs.

Since last Fall, InvestorGeeks has been donating 100% of after-expense profits to charity. So far we’ve contributed $700 total to a couple of great causes and have some good stuff lined up for the end of the year. I think I’ll start keeping track of the donations in the sidebar somewhere. Look for that soon.

If you like what you read here, and want to support InvestorGeeks, I think you can still donate to the CBCF on Candice’s behalf through this link. Show your support.

Breast cancer charities can get a bit of flak for being “trendy causes”. The cause has some good marketers on its side. It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and everything. Still, brease cancer affects a ton of people, which is the real reason so many are so quick act, donate, and help out. It IS a good cause.

Thanks for visiting the site often enough for us to make a bit of ad revenue that we can use to support these great charities. And thanks again to Candice for doing the real work and running the race last week.

Help a Fellow IG in His Support of The Arthritis Foundation

Steve, who blogs here and at UnderTrader.com, is looking for sponsors for the bike ride he will be doing in support of the Arthritis Foundation next Fall.

We will be riding bicycles along the coast from San Francisco to Santa Monica, California. It takes 8 long, tiring days! All it takes for you guys is a click on a website. I think that’s a fair trade. Even the smallest donation helps and it’s a tax write-off.

InvestorGeeks is now a non-profit operation, and we’ve donated $400 of our war chest to Steve’s cause. If you’re a fan of Steve’s or InvestorGeeks in general, or an arthritis-hater, please take a few moments to show your support as well. You can donate here. And just like in saving and picking up girls, every little bit counts.