Facebook IPO Best and Worst Case Scenarios

Facebook released their numbers in preparation for an IPO, showing 2011 revenue of $3.7 Billion and profits of $1 Billion. Speculation is the IPO will be valued as high as $100 Billion. This would be a P/E of 100. That’s high, but then P/E’s are not as significant an indicator for young companies with a lot (more…)

Treasuries May Crash, But Shorting Them Isn’t Worth the Risk

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by J. Tyler Matuella. J. Tyler Matuella is the Publishing Manager at the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics. He also is the author of “Unsustainability in Today’s Sustainable Development” published in Development and Cooperation Magazine, Verge Magazine, and World Review of Science, Technology, and Sustainable Development. (more…)

Paul Krugman

Image by Getty Images via Daylife I’ve been reading Paul Krugman’s blog at NYTimes.com daily. Paul won a Nobel Prize for economics, so obviously a smart guy. He’s very thoughtful and always bases his opinions on research and current economic thought. I basically defer to this guy on all economic issues like finance reform, the (more…)

Interview with Herb Greenberg at KirkReport.com

There is a great QA with Herb Greenberg over at TheKirkReport. A few snips from the article: … Kirk: For good or for ill, how do you see financial journalism evolving with the use of blogs and other social media? Herb Greenberg: The good: Leveling the playing field with an enormous amount of information. Bad: (more…)

Top Finance RSS Feeds

I haven’t touched an RSS feed/reader in over a year, but I’m getting back into Google Reader… trying to bring interesting things to your attention. Anyway, this guy emailed us a while ago with his list of the best 100 Finance RSS feeds. Obviously link bait, but the list is decent. I’ll add some of (more…)

Brief Note on Goldman Sachs

I wanted to comment briefly on the whole Goldman Sachs thing. The accusation, if you aren’t familiar, is that Goldman, with the help of or on behalf of John Paulson, created these mortgage CDOs that were basically setup to fail. That would allow John Paulson and Goldman to short the CDOs while at the same (more…)

Has Mike Carson Disproven Efficient Market Theory Using Inspectd.com?

On March 23, Mike from UglyChart.com announced that he had “Absolute proof that the Efficient Market Hypothesis is incorrect, that Technical Analysis works, and that I wasted too much time on inspectd.com“.

Here’s a bit of a time line before and since:

March 20, 2008: Inspectd.com is listed in the “links for” post at UglyChart.com.

March 21, 2008: TechCrunch posts an article about a new “Time Waster” called Inspectd.com, and the rest of us notice this site that “has been around for a while”.

March 22, 2008: Ugly posts How to turn $100,000 into $6 Billion+ on inspectd.com, including this video:

[video after the break]

Quick Look at China’s Currency Policy Position

As we all know there has recently been pressure on China to appreciate their currency because of the trade imbalances seen in Europe and America. As well, other East Asian countries are running into problems with their markets because China’s currency is doing so much better then theirs. Here is a quick run down of the problems, which can help you to analyze the situation.

The biggest problem is that China’s currency is undervalued by as much as what some people think is up to 35%…

Ken Fisher’s Website

I don’t usually post links from link requests emailed to me, but I got one from Ken Fisher’s team… and I think Ken Fisher is pretty cool. I like his book. He writes for Forbes, which I should start getting since Business 2.0 went under. He’s pretty smart and has been right about the market (more…)