That clever dude Ugly is at it again. With the Zimbabwean dollar reaching a record exchange rate of around $20 Million Zimbabwe Dollars per $1 US Dollar, Ugly has decided to repurpose a web classic by launching the Million Zimbabwean Dollar Homepage. I used it to launch an ad for my newly created MoneyShui.

Wasn’t this done before?
If you spend any time on this internet, this probably sounds familiar. However, this time around, pixels are practically free at 900 pixels for $0.01 USD vs. $1 USD per pixel for that other site.

I bought the maximum 9000 pixels, and it came out to $3.60 USD after PayPal’s fees. And at the rate of inflation in Zimbabwe (about 100,580%), Ugly may have to give away the entire site soon.

Check out the Million Zimbabwean Dollar Homepage.

What’s MoneyShui?
MoneyShui is a little social network for folks who read investing books. (That’s you.) We are trying to build a large collection of ratings and reviews on investing and finance books, so hop on over, create an account, and share your knowledge.

If you see mention of something called “DietShui” in the site, this is because the site is basically a copy of (another Stranger Studios site) featuring a collection diet book reviews. (We still need to get some cleanup done.)

We’re launching a bunch of these sites over the next year. Some more for other book categories, and some more in completely different domains. I’ll let you know how it works out.

Check out MoneyShui now.