Brief Note on Goldman Sachs

I wanted to comment briefly on the whole Goldman Sachs thing. The accusation, if you aren’t familiar, is that Goldman, with the help of or on behalf of John Paulson, created these mortgage CDOs that were basically setup to fail. That would allow John Paulson and Goldman to short the CDOs while at the same (more…)

Check Out

Got an email from the friendly folks at I’m sure you all have your favorite chart sites and tools. Most of these sites don’t offer much more than the basics or hide some stuff behind fees. So I almost didn’t look at YCharts. However, their charts are really nice, and they can chart some (more…)

Getting Rid of Smith-Barney is Good For Citi!

I am going to play the contrarian, getting rid of Smith-Barney is REALLY good for Citi. Many like on Fast Money say, "hey why on earth are you getting rid of the cash cow?" And with Citigroup getting a potential 10 billion, I am thinking WAY TO GO CITI!

Why do I think what I do? Because obviously I am the only one in the market thinking this.

“You’re selling out the future to get through the crisis of the present, and unfortunately they don’t have a lot of other choice,” David Trone, an analyst at Fox-Pitt Kelton Cochran Caronia Waller in New York, said in a Jan. 9 interview.