Treasuries May Crash, But Shorting Them Isn’t Worth the Risk

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by J. Tyler Matuella. J. Tyler Matuella is the Publishing Manager at the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics. He also is the author of “Unsustainability in Today’s Sustainable Development” published in Development and Cooperation Magazine, Verge Magazine, and World Review of Science, Technology, and Sustainable Development. (more…)

Activision Blizzard (ATVI)

A couple months ago I opened a position in Activision Blizzard (ATVI). Blizzard is the Pixar of the gaming industry. All of their games are blockbusters. The most notable title World of Warcraft collects $15/month from their millions and millions of players. I got interested in the stock after picking up Star Craft 2, another (more…)

Brief Note on Goldman Sachs

I wanted to comment briefly on the whole Goldman Sachs thing. The accusation, if you aren’t familiar, is that Goldman, with the help of or on behalf of John Paulson, created these mortgage CDOs that were basically setup to fail. That would allow John Paulson and Goldman to short the CDOs while at the same (more…)

Check Out

Got an email from the friendly folks at I’m sure you all have your favorite chart sites and tools. Most of these sites don’t offer much more than the basics or hide some stuff behind fees. So I almost didn’t look at YCharts. However, their charts are really nice, and they can chart some (more…)

Will There Be Another Jackson?

So I was reading this New York Times article, and it said the following: But even if nobody achieves album sales on a Jacksonian scale, couldn’t he or she be an artist every bit as popular, every bit as loved, every bit as listened to? Probably not. The pop-idol field — like every field that (more…)

Microsoft Has Become a Zombie Corporation!

Disclosure: I had a Microsoft position which I unloaded at a slight profit due to the fact that I have lost complete faith in the current management of Microsoft. I was surfing the web and every now and then I like to check the website I check it out because I write .NET code, (more…)

My Debt Discussion Continues (Velocity of Money) Important!!!

Chris wrote to me the following comment: Debt is the biggest issue facing us all. I found this video on YouTube which really opened my eyes to the importance of getting out of debt: I am sure you will be as amazed as I was. Chris, sorry to disappoint you, but I was not (more…)

How The Republicans Might Completely Self-Destruct

It is interesting to see, but I think the Republicans might actually self-destruct. Remember that the Republican party was the result of the whig party self-destructing. Though the question is can the Republican party self-destruct? Sure it can, after all the Progressive Conservatives of Canada are no more, Conservatives of the UK are a shadow (more…)

Stock Shock. SIRI Documentary Coming out June 10th

The folks behind the new documentary Stock Shock: The Short Selling of the American Dream asked me to share the trailer with our readers. This would be an interesting movie for any of you who at some point owned shares in Sirius (SIRI) or XM (XMSR) Satalite Radio.

(trailer and more after the fold)

Getting Rid of Smith-Barney is Good For Citi!

I am going to play the contrarian, getting rid of Smith-Barney is REALLY good for Citi. Many like on Fast Money say, "hey why on earth are you getting rid of the cash cow?" And with Citigroup getting a potential 10 billion, I am thinking WAY TO GO CITI!

Why do I think what I do? Because obviously I am the only one in the market thinking this.

“You’re selling out the future to get through the crisis of the present, and unfortunately they don’t have a lot of other choice,” David Trone, an analyst at Fox-Pitt Kelton Cochran Caronia Waller in New York, said in a Jan. 9 interview.