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Our Mission
InvestorGeeks is focused on building a community of investors and acting as a launch pad to discover new resources. We are committed to creating real dialogue, sharing ideas, and encouraging criticism.

InvestorGeeks was founded in October 2005. Originally setup as a .mac group to share ideas on business and investing, we soon realized that other people could benefit from what we were writing. More importantly, we thought that publishing our thoughts would help us learn more and keep us honest.

Musings from the Co-founders

Photo of Chris Welch Chris Welch: My best friend Frank proposed an interesting idea to me one day, “Why don’t we start a secret blood pact with the devil to become rich and powerful, and eventually take over the world?!” Not a terrible idea, I thought, but it was lacking something. “Let’s post articles on .Mac, and I’m in!” So we formed a group, brought in Jason, and within a month InvestorGeeks was born. We spent so much time posting articles back and forth, we thought, why don’t we just publish them for the world to see? In terms of work, during the day I’m the Lead Developer on a major real estate web site, and at night, when I’m not plotting, I’m acting as the Blog Community marketer and writing for the site.

Photo of Jason Coleman Jason Coleman: When I started my personal blog in January ’05, I wanted a venue for venting my creative urges. While my blog is a bit more substantial than the soap operas you find out there (although I did post pictures of my kittens), there’s no real purpose or direction to the site. It’s not exactly a very productive way to spend my time. So when Frank approached me with the idea for InvestorGeeks, I jumped on it. I mean now I can write and talk the ears off of millions thousands of people at a time, all under the guise of “learning about investing”. Excellent! Besides writing engaging and comprehensive articles for InvestorGeeks, I’m also responsible for the site’s design (see StrangerStudios for more of that).

Photo of Frank Sanders Frank Sanders: While I never proposed a blood pact with anyone, least of all The Devil. I did, however, approach Jason and Chis with an idea that would eventually become InvestorGeeks. I currently live and work in the Washington, D.C. area for a defense contractor. Much of the rest of my time is devoted to learning about investing, posting to InvestorGeeks, and working on a variety of smaller technical issue to improve the site.