Tesla Update. Two Key Lessons.

I took some profits in my Tesla ($TSLA) position yesterday for the first time in 7 years. Technically, this was my second time taking profits, but the last I rolled my profit into Solar City ($SCTY), which was acquired by Tesla a year later. Tesla’s share price was up over 50% on the week and (more…)

Changing With The Times

I said previously that I would maintain a wiki and blog at the same time. That way with the wiki you get a good overall view of things, and the blog are thoughts from the moment. Well… That did not work out so well. My blog went downhill, and so did my wiki. I got (more…)

The Euro Schizophrenia Continues

At the beginning of May I said that the Greek demonstrations would drop off dramatically. Of course nobody listened… What has happened? Oh yeah the Greek demonstrations have dropped off dramatically. So why did this happen? It is because the English speaking media does not understand mainland Europe. In fact the English speaking media is (more…)

Market Tanks On News Of German Bans On Naked Shorting?

Wow sell sell sell…  Why? Because Germany introduced a ban on naked short selling? Germany will ban so-called naked short-selling from midnight, a lawmaker with the ruling Christian Democratic Union told Dow Jones Newswires. He added that Chancellor Angela Merkel will announce the plan in her speech to the lower house of parliament Wednesday morning. (more…)

Bild (Germany’s Tabloid) Asks Do We Need the Euro?

I find the article from one of Germany’s biggest tabloid very interesting. It asks does Germany need the Euro? Would Germany not rather have the Deutsch Mark back? First in this time of crisis I find it interesting that Germans are split 50-50 about the Deutsch Mark. You would figure that more German’s would want (more…)

Why the Agreement Between Turkey and Greece Means GDP Growth for the EU and Greece

Greece and Turkey have met and begun the process of building ties between their two countries. Let me tell you a bit about this situation since my father was living and working in Boursa Turkey. Athens and Greece have been enemies for a very long time. This dates back 400 years or more, back to (more…)

Wow Greece Has Changed!

I know I am going to hear a lot about the naysayers… BUT look at the following article, Greece and Turkey have called a truce. They have both agreed to a massive reduction in military budgets and increased trade between the two countries. Die griechische Schuldenkrise ermöglicht eine historische Annäherung zwischen Athen und Ankara. Um (more…)

Is the Euro Crisis Winding Down, and the British Pound Crisis Starting? I Say Maybe So!

When I get into something I can become single-minded. Take for example the following article. Monday’s market euphoria across the world at the terms of the European Union/International Monetary Fund rescue package for the European bond market faded Tuesday as investors sold stocks and took profits on the euro. The worry for investors is whether (more…)

Am I Euro Biased? On the Markets Currency Hypocrisy

Today somebody in the chat forum tried to politely say I was biased towards the Euro and hence could not see with clarity. I would say, first I am contrarian and will rant about things. But secondly and more importantly, I am trying to point out the hypocrisy. First let’s start with the Greek crisis. (more…)