I find the article from one of Germany’s biggest tabloid very interesting. It asks does Germany need the Euro? Would Germany not rather have the Deutsch Mark back?

First in this time of crisis I find it interesting that Germans are split 50-50 about the Deutsch Mark. You would figure that more German’s would want the Deutsch Mark back. I guess I can tell you anybody over 50 wants the Deutsch Mark, and anybody below 50 doesn’t want the Deutsch Mark.

The answer in the article is that Germans don’t want the Deutsch Mark because it would completely fatal for the German economy. In the tabloid article it clearly states that if Germany backed out of the Euro and the EU Germany would crumble and collapse within days. The strength of Germany is its ability to produce and export. But if that ability becomes impaired by a very strong currency Germany becomes unaffordable. Made in Germany then becomes too expensive Made in Germany.

This is the paradox of Germany and its relationship to the Euro. Yes it is the anchor to the Euro, but Germany also needs the Euro to make it spend. It is an example of how opposites attract each other. So while Germans complain about the free spending Spanish, but it is those Spaniards that cater to the Germans and make them spend. Remember this, Mallocra and Spain is a play ground for the Germans.

Just think for the moment what Europe would be like if all of Europe would be German? And think of what Europe would be like if all of it were like Spain? When you have Spain and Germany in a union it is that paradox that keeps the union alive…

So why does the rest of the world not get this? Very simple, the media is controlled by the English media. The english media is dominated by two nations; USA, and UK. Both of these nations are busy doing financial engineering, while Germany and the rest of EU are busy building widgets.

This is why I want to see a weak USD! I want America to start building widgets! I know American’s can, but time and time again the focus is on financial engineering. While some financial engineering is beneficial building widgets is better for everybody.