There is a great QA with Herb Greenberg over at TheKirkReport. A few snips from the article:

Kirk: For good or for ill, how do you see financial journalism evolving with the use of blogs and other social media?

Herb Greenberg: The good: Leveling the playing field with an enormous amount of information. Bad: Zero accountability. Beyond traditional journalists, anybody can say anything under any name – real or assumed – and in the end those same people can disappear.

Kirk: In all of the research you’ve done, what are the names of some of the companies you think are managed well and you also think deserve shareholder praise?

Herb Greenberg: Good question. Apple is an obvious. So is Starbucks, despite its problems. But there are plenty. You know who I really like? The guys who run P.F. Chang’s. For years, when I would write critical commentary, they would take my calls and answer my questions. They never took it personally. They were very non-promotional. They understood that the restaurant business is the restaurant business, which means success is not guaranteed. Regardless of the stock price, Dick Federico and Bert Vivian are great operators.

Kirk: Are there any books or other resources (websites, etc.) you’d recommend for those who wish to learn more about how to undertake forensic financial analysis and investing in general?

Herb Greenberg: Anything by Charles Mulford, the Georgia Tech accounting prof. Ted O’Glove’s classic, “Quality of Earnings.” And keep an eye out for Howard Schilit’s latest revision of his “Financial Shenanigans” book. I’ve reviewed it; it’s very good.

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