1. We have a new author! His name is Alex, and he’s already published a great article on alternative energy that is getting some attention in the comments. View the great discussion over there.

2. People are signing up for the mailing list. Good. I still have no idea what we’ll do with it. In the meantime, you can win a chance to get some free books and know that we won’t be giving away your email address or selling it to spammers, etc. Please sign up. I want to keep in touch with y’all.

3. Speaking of keeping in touch, we’re thinking of ways to bring the forums back. We may hire someone to spam protect the old forums or move to a thirdparty solution. If you have suggestions, speak up in the comments.

4. Also, we’re considering updating the blog design and layout. It’s something we’ve dreamed about for a while. We even have a v2 that is 80% complete, although totally outdated. We’d start from scratch to build a better site that will help you navigate all the good content we’ve built up over the years.

5. I AM the real Jason Coleman. This guy is the Fake Steve Jobs.

6. Ugly got a job and I miss his Investing posts at UglyChart.com. He has been posting links more often, and even just linked to DateSpaces. He’s supposed to start "position trading" November 1st.

7. DateSpaces.com is a site that could work. It’s a location search engine with a focus on dating. If you live in New York City, check it out. If not, complain and get them to expand to your city.