Just a quick note to say I think the market has had its major top.

I am going to wait for a pullback tomorrow (Wednesday 25th July) and have an open order to go short SDS at $51. Hopefully this will get filled in the next day or two.

My reasons for going short via SDS are two fold. Firstly, I am happy with my current gains and wish to lock them in. At this level, rather than sell positions and incur the taxable gains, I can retain them and go short via one ETF. Secondly, SDS gives me exposure to twice the movement of the S&P500. The S&P500 is the weakest of the major indexes currently and is well off its high of 1555. I would hate to be in this ETF when the market is moving up (just take a look at a 1 year chart!), but in corrections or where you want to hedge against a fall, this ETF is perfect.

I have suggested previously that investors raise cash, which I have now done, and prepare for a correction. In buying SDS, I hope to ensure I receive some protection for the stocks I have retained.

Good luck,

Philip John

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