Just a quick note to say I think the market has had its major top.

I am going to wait for a pullback tomorrow (Wednesday 25th July) and have an open order to go short SDS at $51. Hopefully this will get filled in the next day or two.

My reasons for going short via SDS are two fold. Firstly, I am happy with my current gains and wish to lock them in. At this level, rather than sell positions and incur the taxable gains, I can retain them and go short via one ETF. Secondly, SDS gives me exposure to twice the movement of the S&P500. The S&P500 is the weakest of the major indexes currently and is well off its high of 1555. I would hate to be in this ETF when the market is moving up (just take a look at a 1 year chart!), but in corrections or where you want to hedge against a fall, this ETF is perfect.

I have suggested previously that investors raise cash, which I have now done, and prepare for a correction. In buying SDS, I hope to ensure I receive some protection for the stocks I have retained.

Good luck,

Philip John

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I’m away on vacation now and was checking in on the market using my phone every once in a while. Everything looked pretty decent a little pullback… then when I checked after the market close: BLAM!

Just about all of my mutual funds and index funds are throwing sell signals for me. About half of my stock holdings are. I think I’m with you. I’m going to try to jump out of everything at a decent level today. If all goes well, I’ll be about 75% cash (vs about 15% cash right now).

I hope we’re not over-reacting. I don’t think this is the end of days, but I do think we’ll see more follow through with this pullback than some previous. Simply for the fact that we’re up a bit higher, and some real technical levels have broken.

BTW, the SDS play is ballsy. (is it 2x leveraged too?) I don’t know if I would short the market.

I’m tempted to “lock-in” about a 20% gain for the year, but I’m not too big a fan of “locking-in”. I mean, when are you going to put your money back in? January 1st. Are the trading opportunities going to be better then than now. Unless you are a hedge fund (who gets paid based on annual performance) or have some plans for your money, it doesn’t make sense to lock in.

That said. If I looked at SDS as a normal stock. It looks like it’s due for a buy. It’s trading at about $52 now, and I could set a short-term target of $56. Nice gain. Maybe I should add index-based shorting to my repetoir.

One last follow up. Maybe I should post the SDS chart, but looking at it the 30DMA was broken through yesterday. Ideally, I would look for an open and close above it to confirm… then load as much money as possible into it. That’s if this was a normal stock.

The problem is I can’t really make any fundamental or value decisions about a short of the S&P (can I?). What’s a good price for this fund? How do I know if it’s over-values or under-valued. All I know is in general this fund is going to lose about 4-9% per year on average (or twice that if it’s leveraged) because that’s the historical gain of the S&P.

So, needless to say, this fund should only be traded in the short-mid term. It’s kind of like buying a stock of a company that you know is going to go out of business, but might have a shorterm bounce due to overselling. Strange stuff that doesn’t fit into my quasi-investing quasi-trading technique.

I’m in at $54.

It’s not where I wanted to get in, and the market may rise again tomorrow, but I think the break down below 1590 is a bad sign for the S&P500 from here on in for the next few months.

The 6 month chart to me says “market top in”.

You are exactly right in what you say about SDS. I try not to look at it technically, but work off the S&P500 chart. I have watched it for about a month – it doesn’t always move 2x, sometimes it is more like 1.5x.

Also, I wouldn’t want to hold this for longer than 2 months. In the long run, this is going to flatline close to $0. I am not sure what they will do then (reissue it at a new index price of $100 and let it fall all over again? Or leave it so that we are buying in at 50c).

In either case, it does serve a good purpose in times like these. Overall, I’m not short the market, I’m very close to neutral, which is exactly where I want to be. Whether I am right or wrong, I am out of the market for the next 2 or 3 months. 🙂


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