Understanding Market Orders: Three Resources

If you’re anything like me then you think that once you click on the appropriate button, or get off the phone with your stock broker, your order speeds off to be filled at whatever price the stock is currently trading at. How wrong I was.

Time to Panic?

Today, and the past few days have been hectic for the market. The price of oil keeps rising and I need to sell my gas-guzzling van. So do we panic yet and where is the market going? Over at HipEgg we did a review of the Dow. I don’t know if a TA is the (more…)

Monday Reading

WebWord has a good write up about Professor Feng Li who data mined the annual reports of 34,180 companies with some interesting results. Li counted the number of times words like “risk” and “uncertain” showed up in the reports and compared the data to previous years. Professor Li discovered that a “big jump in words (more…)

Realtors: Ouch

Some people are saying that you can track the real estate market by how many new realtors there are signing up. “When everyone thinks they will get rich selling real estate,” they say, “that is when the market will fall.” Charles Turbiville has some advice for people wanting to get into the real estate game (more…)

If Housing Prices Stopped Rising

According to the latest stats, American home prices are still on the rise – in most major markets across the nation.

The National Association of Realtors published a median increase of 4.2% from 1/06 to 4/06. Compare this figure to the published 16.6% last year.

Although prices appear to be leveling off, many economists don’t predict a sour turn for the worst.