I suppose I have been too long in Europe, but the Google Superbowl ad just sucks! The first time I watched it I stopped. Then I read what it was about, and it sucked again… It is a dumb story! I suppose this is due to the fact that I live in Europe and the story is so cliche that it is not even interesting anymore.

But the ad is in fact factually incorrect!

Namely…  If this person were indeed traveling to France, and indeed putting in his search requests they would have french references!

What am I talking about?

One of the annoying features of google search is that when you are in the local country the search defaults to the local country and the language. Even if you switch languages you get the results and hints to the local country. This tends to make sense since most people are interested in searching for things around them. Though I get annoyed because most of my searches if I use Google are non-local.

Another factual issue is that when he types in “translate tu es tres mignon” he has the apostrophe as he is typing. Notice I don’t since I don’t have a French keyboard. I have a Swiss german keyboard with Canadian English bindings. Thus it brings back my point. If he has access to the French keyboard then he would be in France and be referencing Google France.

Why am I being picky? Because I expected more from Google! I expected more because I thought they were geeks…

BTW I thought the monster.com add with the mounted moose hilarious, and the Doritos underdog ad was not bad.