Adobe is crying that Apple is not supporting Flash on the iPad. Apple, I want to thank you that you are not supporting it. Sure I miss on certain applications, but thus far it has not hampered my browsing experience.

By Rochelle Garner
     Jan. 28 (Bloomberg) — Adobe Systems Inc., maker of the
Flash video software, said Apple Inc. isn’t supporting Flash on
its iPhone and the new iPad, making it difficult for Apple’s
customers to view 75 percent of the world’s Web sites.
     “It appears that Apple is continuing to impose
restrictions on the relationship between content publishers and
consumers,” Adrian Ludwig, group product marketing manager for
San Jose, California-based Adobe, said yesterday in a blog post.
“Without Flash support, iPad users will not be able to access
the full range of Web content.”
     Adobe Flash provides video and animation on about three-
quarters of the world’s Web sites, according to Adobe. It’s
installed on about 98 percent of Internet-connected computers.
Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs said in March 2008 that
Adobe’s Flash software is too slow to be useful on the iPhone.
He said the mobile version of Flash “isn’t capable enough to
actually be used with the Web.”

Want to know why I hate Flash? Because of advertisements! Advertisements are completely annoying because they have this habit of sucking out all of the CPU that I have available. It is not just a little bit annoying, but a whole lot annoying. And without Flash I don’t have that annoyance!


Adobe, smarten up!