I read the story on how everybody is nervous on the Euro. What I find completely hilarious about all of this is that for every cent the Euro looses strength it is about 0.50 to 2 cents earnings from many of the big global corporations in the US. Here is my list, Starbucks, Visa, Mc Donalds and so on… 

But what was more telling is are the following comments:

It appears that the Europeans are waking up to the reality that our American politians are still not accepting. We better start hunkering down!

and the more important comment:

This is great. We are letting hedge funds (who the author calls "investors") dictate government policies.
Spain just announced austerity measure as unemplyment rises to record levels. Their sin? Debt/GDP of 60%, one (1) percent higher than for Germany. But that’s enough to set Satan’s horsemen on onto the market.
Meanwhile, REAL INVESTORS as hedge funds short selling drives down bond values (even though all payments are being made on time) and real people suffer.
as governments slash spending in the face of a depression. Just like 1934.
We’ve let hedge funds do enough damage. Shut ’em down.

Folks, I love the market as much as anybody, but this jumping on debt to push down the governments is going to get the hedge funds into quite a bit of trouble. This is starting to turn into the same fiasco as the financial markets.

What bothers me in all of this is that speculators are honest to goodness driving the markets crazy. First it was finance, then it was oil and commodities, then it was gold, and now sovereign debt. While people don’t mind some speculation this rampant up and down bubbling is going to take its toll!

The pendulum is going to swing the other way and it is at that point I say WATCH THE FUCK OUT!!! Yes I swore, but this is starting to make me very very nervous… It is making me nervous because the half life between bubbles is becoming shorter and shorter…