As a Canadian I am totally in awe on how dumb Canadians are acting with respect to the current political crisis. Not ignorant because that would imply you have the capability to learn from your errors.

Marjorie Shaw
I agree with the GG. For the first time in 72 years I have not been proud to be a Canadian. The opposition parties have acted like they were in a third world country. Give the elected government a chance to prove themselves

Ben C.
I highly approve with the Prorogue. This coalition was really about funding for the other parties and for the unions.
We don’t hear much about the bailout for the auto sector or much about the postal strike since Nov 17th. Why not?

It is amazing what people think. It gets even better.

"I’m really mad about this coalition thing. We voted for Harper and we voted for democracy," one woman attending the rally said.

About 150 people attended an anti-coalition rally in Halifax, waving Canadian flags and holding signs reading "My Vote Counts," "No Secret Deals" and "Respect Our Votes."

Are these people really that dumb? They actually think that the Conservatives won the election. The thing is that is being said is that voting for Harper is voting for democracy and well the other option is not democracy.

Ok fellow Canadians let me teach you something about democracy. Here is some data on what the election wrought.

Popular Vote:

Conservatives: 37.6%


Conservatives: 143 vs other parties 165

Voter Turnout:


In other words the conservatives got neither the popular vote nor a majority in parliament. Thus if the other three parties can come together and create a government then they can.

It’s called democracy!

You might not like it, but TOO BAD SO SAD…

When I explain democracy I explain it as follows:

"The right to be an idiot!"

BTW this antagonizing of the separatists is actually very counter productive. Being married to a Canadian from Quebec and being part Quebecer I have say Harper is blowing his chances in Quebec. And does Quebec want to separate? Come on people get real here…

So what would I do? Let parliament fall or let parliament go on with its coalition. What is interesting about this is that the Conservatives themselves were ok when the separatists voted with them on bills.

Letting Canada vote again is not going to get anywhere. It will only harden the divisions.