So I was reading this article on Windows 7. Let me tell you it is not flattering. In fact it is very critical. I for the most part using Windows XP Professional. Though one of my machines is running Vista. I HATE VISTA! What a piece of garbage. I have quite a few points like always wanting to search my harddisk, making things hard to find, having multiple directories identically named though only one can be clicked, etc, etc.

With Windows 7 coming out I thought, "oh boy great I will be using XP till I die." And then I thought about Microsoft. Is the problem here Microsoft or does it lay elsewhere? I think it lays elsewhere.

For example what do I think of Office 2007? I actually rather like it. The ribbon took a bit getting used to, but now when I go back to Office 2003 I just scratch my head and wonder. And did you know one of the top selling apps on OSX is Microsoft Office.

How about Visual Studio? Great little development environment. I added Resharper, Subversion integration, and things are rocking.

What about SQL Server, Exchange Server? Great server products…

Get the pattern? Microsoft has a problem and it is called Windows! Not Windows Server because many now seem to like that. I am saying Windows desktop!

So here is my advice for Microsoft, jettison Windows Desktop! Split off the company and make them a subsidiary of Microsoft. Do as the 2000 breakup deal, you resisted so long said, "split yourself up." There is so much value and growth with Microsoft that it is being dragged down by Windows desktop.

Imagine the potential of Microsoft if they were to say, "oh look now Office on Linux, OSX, FreeBSD, and Solaris…" The sales growth would be tremendous. Imagine for a moment if Microsoft decided to put full effort into supporting Nokia, RIMM, Apple with its applications? It would be truly amazing.

Look at IBM, while they might have kept their mainframes kicking around IBM of 1960 is not the IBM of 2008. They don’t have PC’s anymore, and their mainframes run Linux. In other words IBM made some dramatic changes to better support their clients.

Otherwise I fear Microsoft with its woeful operating system will drag down the healthy parts of Microsoft. Though I wonder if the only thing holding this change back is an individual called Balmer. Balmer, do Microsoft a favour, retire! Microsoft needs fresh ideas. EVEN Gates retired…