My brother lives in the former Soviet Republics, and I talk to him to see how things are going. I asked, "how are things." He replied, "me I am doing actually pretty well, our company [x] is shutting down for about 3 months."

He was telling me that his company has a huge number of cancellations and hence is just shutting down for three months. I asked, so what about you? He said, "We have work! In fact service is busy, not as much as usual, but busy."

He then went on to explain how all of the western companies he works for are shutting down operations in the former Soviet Republics. Though it is puzzling him to no ends because it assumes that people will stop drinking pop, and alcohol.

His best comment was,

"A vodka company is temporarily shutting down. Think about it, vodka in Russia not being produced."

I asked if the Western Companies were overdoing it?

His sarcastic reply was,

"What do you think!"

He was still bullish on commodities that has not changed. His view was as mine in that the sun will rise again. Though what has changed are his views on emerging countries bonds. This one was an oddity, as he said, "Christian, these countries are near the edge! Watch out!"