The question that is being raised is if Rick Wagoner is the best choice to run GM?

My answer, maybe not!

Let me tell you why. In the 90’s IBM was not doing well. In fact IBM was very much in the same situation that Microsoft is in now, if not worse. IBM was a stodgy company that had too many products, not enough profits, too little focus and out of touch with its clients. Sound familiar (eg Microsoft, GM…)

The situation was turned around when Lou Gerstner joined IBM. People actually wondered why Lou. After all the closest his managerial experience was to chips were potato chips. But the reason why IBM chose Lou was because he was not from the industry. He was a good manager who could provide a fresh set of eyes on the woes of IBM. Lou single handedly turned around IBM, and he wrote a book entitled, "Who says elephants can’t dance."

Look at Ford, Mulally is an engineer from Boeing. He turned around Boeing. Look at Chrysler and the CEO is from Home Depot. Yes you can take pot shots at these guys, but Ford is getting healthier.

GM needs new energy, and a very solid case can be made that Wagoner needs to go.

Hmmm….  Lou GM needs you!!!!