“Payback Time” Analysis for GOOG

I still own a few shares of GOOG. It’s felt overpriced recently, but I’m holding onto a minimal amount at all times and trying to add more over time. So I’m hoping the price drops a bunch so I can pick up more cheaply. Do a search here for GOOG for my previous thoughts (years (more…)

Goldman Sachs Traded Profitably EVERY DAY Last Quarter

From DealBreaker.com (via CrossingWallStreet): Goldman Sachs just revealed in an SEC filing that its traders made money on every single trading day last quarter, a record for the firm. Net revenue for trading was $25 million or higher in all of the first quarter’s 63 trading days with 35 of those days bringing in more (more…)

NASDAQ Cancelling Trades After Crazy Day in The Market

Trying to figure out what to think about this: (from BusinessWeek) The Nasdaq said after markets closed that it will cancel all trades of stocks that moved more than 60 percent from their price at, or immediately prior to, 2:40 p.m., when the slide started. The cancellation applies to trades executed between 2:40 p.m. and (more…)

Digital Textbooks Sales Projection

Via blog.xplana.com: Personally, I think this is a little conservative… though kids and professors on campuses would probably know more about how motivated professors are to switch to digital textbooks. What I do know is that no one likes spending $100 for a textbook and my professors were always empathetic to this. Obvious investment plays (more…)

Interview with Herb Greenberg at KirkReport.com

There is a great QA with Herb Greenberg over at TheKirkReport. A few snips from the article: … Kirk: For good or for ill, how do you see financial journalism evolving with the use of blogs and other social media? Herb Greenberg: The good: Leveling the playing field with an enormous amount of information. Bad: (more…)

Check Out YCharts.com

Got an email from the friendly folks at ycharts.com. I’m sure you all have your favorite chart sites and tools. Most of these sites don’t offer much more than the basics or hide some stuff behind fees. So I almost didn’t look at YCharts. However, their charts are really nice, and they can chart some (more…)

Apple and Goldman Overlay Chart is Interesting

via Crossing WallStreet: For about 18 months, the share prices of Apple (AAPL) and Goldman Sachs (GS) followed each other pretty closely (though Apple has many more shares outstanding). As recently as six months ago, both stocks had the same share price. Today, however, Apple’s stock is worth $85 more than Goldman.

Stock Shock. SIRI Documentary Coming out June 10th

The folks behind the new documentary Stock Shock: The Short Selling of the American Dream asked me to share the trailer with our readers. This would be an interesting movie for any of you who at some point owned shares in Sirius (SIRI) or XM (XMSR) Satalite Radio.

(trailer and more after the fold)

Free Fantasy Stock Market Game

This is a paid review… I haven’t been doing many paid reviews lately, but have a couple extra minutes and could use the $15 (or so?) for InvestorGeeks and this site looks pretty cool anway. Wall Street Survivor is a free fantasy stock market game. You’ve probably seen many of these around. CNBC does a (more…)

Garmin at $35. Back up the truck?

At $35, Google Finance puts the Garmin PE at ~8.5. That’s just too low for a company with 25% annual growth.

I made some money riding this stock from about $45 to $80. I kicked myself for not holding it to $120. I bought some up there and was quickly stopped out for a small loss. And now I’m glad I haven’t owned it for a while and have a chance to back up the truck.

Before I do so, I wonder if anyone out there can tell me what I’m missing. Here are some reasons for the low GRMN price I’m reading on message boards and blogs: