Yeah, I’m posting, what’s it to ya?

Christian’s posts over the last few days and an article about Warren Buffett got me thinking and I think it’s time for a post to the good ol’ Investor Geeks. I think the morons on TV have gone on long enough and I think we Investor Geeks are on the same page, so listen up!

It’s time to make some decisions….

Yes, I’m still alive, thanks for caring.

We’re in the middle of November and this is the time every year when it’s time to start making some important decisions on your stocks. Things get really wonky this time of year for no good reason than other people trying to cover their asses, so let’s take a look at what factors cause these next few weeks to be important in your decision making.

I’m back and still grumpy!

Two great posts to IG in the last few days have me back to make a counter-post to their great arguments. Call me the devil of IG if you want, but that’s my job, right?

3 Small Words in the Caribbean…

He said, “You know, my friends always ask me how I can afford to leave my home in Canada every winter. I don’t have a great job. I have a good job, but I’m not rich. I always turn to them and say the exact same thing…”

Thanks. :)

I just wanted to thank all of you readers for making IG an interesting place for discussions and arguments and rants about my favorite topics. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, Invest in peace…

How about a game of Risk?

When people talk about investments, they tend to leave out a missing value that everyone ignores when figuring out their investment strategy. That little tidbit of information would be the massive elephant in the room called: risk.

Let’s change our goals around…

I think most people create huge, out of reach goals like, “I need to have $1,000,000 in the bank by the time I’m 40.” A great goal, obviously, but I think that may be going about things the wrong way. What if we took that type of goal and switched it around? What if we first started by setting a goal we can control and achieve now?

Mutual Funds ARE for Losers!

Kimber made a post about why Mutual Funds Aren’t for Losers, which was a good article and I see her point of view, however, in this case, I thought I would show the other side of Mutual Funds, which, in my opinion, suck to the point where vacuums should be named after them, or maybe they could rename the Chicago Cubs the Chicago Mutual Funds.

How Much is Enough?

After reading Erin’s great post a few days ago and talking about it with one of my good friends, and after a conversation I had with my fiancee, the question came up, “When is enough, enough?”

Erin and Ken both quoted Trump and Rich Dad, Full of Shit Dad as saying you need to invest to win, how much do you really need? Do you need billions? Not really. Do you need Buffett or Gates money? No. If you got rich through frugality, like most people do I think, you aren’t really interested in those shiny new cars or mansions because you realize they are just a huge waste of money for show and aren’t really necessary.

Mathew Emmert: Fool of Crap

At Motley Fool, bad information and skewed research are the topic of the day.

Good ol’ Mathew Emmert over at Motley fool posted an article this week, which you can read here, that states that “dividend stocks beat the market.” Whoopdie freakin’ doo. We’ve all heard this before, even some people here at Investor Geeks believe in the dividend stocks, which is fine, however, let me explain why this article is full of crap.