Singles Win Games in Baseball and Stocks

Sticking with the baseball theme, this article is going to look at the fascination with people wanting to find that ‘home run’ stock. It’s stupid. Quit doing it. It’s unnecessary and a really bad strategy.

Trading Stocks is Like Trading Baseball Cards

Hi. Enough with the greetings, I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to make you think! Everything you have been told about the Stock Market is bullshit and I’m here to prove it to you. There are a lot of topics I want to cover and instead of just saying “Mutual Funds Suck”, “Diversification is stupid”, “Buy and Hold should be called Buy and Hope”, “Notice how every ‘lesson’ about the Market begins with ‘If you had…”, “A stock has to go up to make money”, etc I’m going to just pick a topic today and I’ll get to those others sooner than later.

Today’s topic is: You don’t own anything but a piece of paper with ink on it.