Today’s action on good numbers shows me that the bears who have been emboldened are trying to push down the market. The VIX went up again, and the actors are saying that they are waiting for the market to get lower to buy more stock.

Well, maybe they will maybe they wont.

I personally believe that right now we have a technical selling and they are pushing the market down to put more fear into the market. Will it work? Absolutely!

Right now my internal calculations has said that the market will hit 955 to 833 on the S&P with the low being January. During all of this time we will hear on how the better numbers mean nothing because of reason [fill in the blank]. Or how, “we need evidence that the economy is growing…”  Remember those are the same people that missed the rally all the way up!

Me I am not too concerned… I look at it as a buying opportunity…

After remember just 2 weeks ago all was ok. Then earnings came out and things have been looking better, and now things are bad? It’s about the psychology people!

So when will the necks of the bears be broken? When they claim victory, it will be then that once and for all they will be decimated.