Hey Everyone

Long time no post.

However, I do have an excuse!  I am now a married man living in North Carolina.  That’s right – I am an immigrant (of the legal variety) fresh from the shores of Australia.  These last 4 months have seen me shift country, change jobs (in a way), get married, acquire a dog and sit a fair number of “standardised tests”.  You will be pleased to note that according to one of those tests, I have an IQ of 140 (unlikely – but nice of them to say).

In the time I have been away, the market has continued on its merry way – seemingly ignoring my earlier posts that discussed the problems we were seeing in subprime and the consumer sectors.  In the last two weeks, it is as if the markets around the world suddenly woke up and realized that a recession was already here, and that it was unlikely to get better anytime soon.

I am sad to say that I exited my double short positions at a slight loss – I was whipsawed out of the market (I was about a month too early).  However, if you stayed long (…short) then you are laughing right now with some very large double digit gains.

I hope to have an article up soon that discusses some of the long term trends that I think, through listening to the punditry out there, are a good idea to invest in.

I am glad to be back.