Got this email from a fan. And since none of the current writers are Canadian, I thought I’d throw this out there.

BTW, RSP stands for “Registered Retirement Savings Plan” and seems to be a Canadian 401k. I’m sure a lot of the standard retirement plan advice would apply, but we’re looking for a Canadian perspective.

Hey InvestorGeeks

My name’s Gavin Adamson. I write occasionally for the Globe and Mail
and this time I’m writing a piece about what part online – DIY
investing plays in RSP building.
Not sure if any of you guys have an online RSP account, but if you do,
I’d be interested to speak with you. Here I’m looking for a chat about
what sorts of tools/data research you use to make RSP decisions. Do you
use your online brokerage site research and tools? Are they good?

If you don’t have an online, RSP account, or you’re not interested, I’d
appreciate an announcement on your site that I’m looking to speak to
someone. They can get in touch with me at my website

Thanks a lot


> And since none of the current writers are Canadian, I thought Iā€™d throw this out there.

…Clearing my throat…

…Clearing my throat even louder…

…Clearing my throat even even louder…


Hi, Christian.

You’re not in Canada now, but I’m sure you might have some insight. (Do you have dual or “tri” citizenship?) And I would say you are one of the most “current” contributors.

Sorry for the oversite.


Don’t worry about…

You are right though I am not in Canada now. I already email Gavin though..

NP… How is the house going?

>> How is the house going?

The interest rate cut (and future ones hopefully) should help things. We’re getting our business and personal taxes done to have for the mortgage talks.

We’ve gotten some quotes, but they’re all pretty much unacceptible to us. (Commercial Loans vs. Residential Loans suck). We’re in talks with different parts of the Reading govt., and I think we can some kind of deal.

I’ll post an article soon.

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