Bill (CEO of WineLog) did a quick little post on Wine Investing over at the WineLog blog and introduced me to a site called

A good site to learn about wine investing is Wine Investor is collecting (in one place) all the types of information I would need to explore investing in wine. The guy that runs Wine Investor is from the financial services field, works with technology, and loves wine. What a killer resume.

Investing in wine could be a great way to diversify your portfolio. Especially if, like me, you already have a passion for wine. WineInvestor calls it an alternative investment, specifically a “collectible”, and suggests about 5% allocation in collectibles in this article on asset allocation and diversification. (Let’s see, that means I need to go shopping for about $1500 in wine. Nice!)

Here are some other great articles from WineInvestor. New posts are added about once a week or so.