I thought I would share my watch list notes again. Here’s what I wrote out this morning before the market opened. It was a really tough day out there, so I’m going to have to re-evaluate a bunch tomorrow. Hopefully this is helpful to you guys.

No sell signals. Test of 30DMA coming up. Let’s bust through it. Support rising at $55.

SOOOO much support in the $50-$55 range. Could trade sideways until the 30DMA catches down. Looks like some great risk-reward over 1-2years though. Stoch buy, RSI buy, MACD almost a buy. Need to read the news on this giant. Positive article in BusinessWeek recently.

Looks like a pull back to at least the 10DMA ($61.50) is likely. Maybe pull back to the 30DMA ($58). But it doesn’t matter. Trend is up, and we’re in this for the long haul. Sell on stoch. No sell on MACD yet. RSI could bounce buy. Phil Town likes this stock, so I’m going to trade it like he would (or like I would imagining I’m him… minus the rafting and babes).

(note: GRMN did well today. The stock has lately been a poster child for “relative strength”: stays flat or small gains on down days, jumps up big on up days.)

This stocks still a mess right now. Better opportunities out there.

Turnaround is looking good. A nice close above the 30DMA would be very nice and bullish.

Uh oh. Earnest Adams (well-respected old-time game developer and former EA employee) is diversifying his stock away from ERTS. Interesting read at Gamasutra. Bottom line is that EA is a big company now and better be prepared for changes in the distribution channel.

(note: And yet ERTS was one of the few stocks up today. Maybe the TA was too strong. I need to recalculate my MOS on this stock and make sure the downside isn’t too great for this stock.)

Nothing to report. Not checking in on this lately.

Hammer pattern yesterday. Can’t tell if it’s hammer or hanging man; the top is equal to yesterday’s close. (technically a little lower) Handle bounces nicely off of 10DMA.No sell on stoch or MACD. I’m looking for some nice action today.

Looking nice. Why did I stop following this stock?

Full Disclosure: I currently own 60 shares of AMGN, 90 shares of QQQQ, 50 shares of ERTS, and 75 shares of GRMN across various accounts. I’m a hack. Folks should do their own research before investing based on this information. Good luck.

How bad will things be tomorrow? I’m about fully invested right now… or at least all of my liquid cash. I have some cash waiting in an E*Trade savings account for tax time next year and another chunk of cash that I’m trying to figure out what to do with, but nothing that I could invest within 5 business days.

After tomorrow morning, I may come back and write about what I might sell and when, what my targets are, and how I can make sure I don’t lose all of my recent gains (up almost 10% in Q2).