I’m getting back into trading a bit. Here are my watchlist notes from yesterday. Be warned, I’m a total hack. Even I’m going to do more research before using this stuff. Comments appreciated.

– Buy now. Watch intraday for bounce. Supports at $15, $13.50, $10. Half now, half on dip?

– Buy soon. 10DMA at $50, 30DMA at $51. Then all arrows green. 1-year chart looks brutal. Support at $48.Resistance at $55. Break through that looks goot.

– Hipegg says buy.Short-term down. Buy at $34 (30DMA). Support from 200DMA at $31.

– Very bullish. Look for intraday pullback and put the money in.

These are all tech-related because… well… I know tech better. Buy what you know. My IRA and other portfolios are mostly in index funds right now, so this is all “play money” or “mad money” or “risky biz portfolio” stuff. I’m most excited about QQQQ and ERTS. I think they’re a bit safer, but that doesn’t mean anything.

Also, congrats to the folks who stuck it out with KRY (not me). I’d be taking some profits in the $5 range.

UPDATE: I’ve bought 90 shares of QQQQ with my trading account and 50 shares of ERTS with my IRA. Peace.