Jason’s Portfolio April 2016

I thought it my be useful for myself and others if I list out the stocks in my portfolio and watch list. I have informal categories for each stock I own based on whether I’m looking to buy, hold, or sell. I’d like to make those categories a bit more formal in this post and (more…)

Fair Value Calculation for Snowflake $SNOW

As we enter (or exit?) this bear market in stocks, there will be some buying opportunities. How do you know if that stock that just fell 80% is "on sale" or not? This is not investment advice, but an example 🧵 on how I calculate "fair value" for a stock before investing in it. I'm (more…)

“Payback Time” Analysis for GOOG

I still own a few shares of GOOG. It’s felt overpriced recently, but I’m holding onto a minimal amount at all times and trying to add more over time. So I’m hoping the price drops a bunch so I can pick up more cheaply. Do a search here for GOOG for my previous thoughts (years (more…)

To Disclose or Not Disclose?

Jason brought up a good point:

BTW, those Fast Money guys don’t seem as concerned about disclosing their positions or trading under altered rules like Jim Cramer is.

I wonder why that is.

It’s tough though. If you disclose, your trying to pump/dump stocks. If you don’t, you’re hiding stuff.

I think the reason why the Fast Money people don’t mention all of their holdings is because they are traders/investors. It’s like Buffett where he only mentions things after they have occurred.

Crystallex (AMEX:KRY), Las Cristinas Update

You guys may know that I have a position in Crystallex (AMEX: KRY). If you follow the stock, you know that yesterday was a bad day. There was a press release today, which speaks of… well let me just quote some of it:

If you follow the stock, you know that yesterday was a bad day. There was this press release, which speaks of… well let me just quote some of it:

Crystallex International Corporation … announced today that, subject to receipt of all necessary regulatory and shareholder approvals, it has agreed to amend the terms of certain unlisted common share purchase warrants … held by two holders in the United States. The proposed amendment is in relation to 2,272,727 Warrants originally issued by the Corporation as part of an issuance of 4,545,455 special warrants (each special warrant consisting of one common share and one-half of one Warrant) completed on August 29, 2003. Each Warrant entitles the holder thereof to acquire one common share in the capital of the Corporation at an exercise price of US$2.75 per share until September 15, 2006.

Read on for much much more…

Optimal Strategy for State Lotteries

Investing can be tough some times. Wouldn’t it be great if you just won the lottery? Man, that would set you for life. Seriously.

Now, we’re not suggesting you run to the closest mini-mart with your life savings. The odds of winning the Big Game (a multi-state lottery open to adults in Massachusetts, Maryland, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, and Virginia) are roughly 70 Million to 1. That is only slightly better than your chances of making money going long on Overstock.com. However, there are some reasons to play. And if you are going to play, there are some strategies to follow. Read on for more.