SocialPicks and Social Stock Sites

Jason just posted in our forums about a new site called SocialPicks (announcement) which allows users to rate and review stocks online in a Digg-like social fashion. This could be a really interesting experiment in social investing. Will it lead to finding more undiscovered stocks or will it be abused and go to prove that (more…)

In it for the Adventure

What is it about investing that motivates so many thousands of investors? It is said that the two emotions of every trader is fear and greed. Maybe. But do boys want to grow up to be the Sheriff of Nottingham, stealing from the poor to line their on coffers? What every boy desires is an adventure and to be a hero. This is no clearer than to look at boys as they play, watching them defend their pillow castles, build their appliance box spaceships, and battle with stick swords.

In this emasculated world of dull grey desks, neon office lights, and flickering computer screens, where do boys go to feel alive? No boy says, “I want to be an office drone when I grow up!” The man’s heart desires to be put to the test so he can prove he has what it takes. So the city boy must grow up to find his place in a concrete jungle, and in what better place can a man prove himself than in the lurid and dangerous world of the market.

Financial Advisers Have Top Jobs

Financial planning is a rapidly growing and desirable field that recently made #3 on Money magazine’s 50 Best Jobs list. As defined contribution plans grow in popularity, so will the number of financial planners as more and more Americans seek guidance in understanding their investment options. It’s an interesting career blending sales, finance and one-on-one personal relationships with clients.

Phil Town Ends One-on-One

As of Monday, April 10th, 2006, Phil Town will no longer be responding to direct emails from his Gmail account. Each Monday, Phil will answer a randomly selected homework or question submitted to his site I’ve much appreciated Phil’s help these last few months and wish him well in his endeavors.

The Importance of a Mentor

Becoming wealthy is a full-time job. Successful entrepreneurs have worked for years to build a deep knowledge base in areas as diverse as sales, marketing, accounting, stock investing, real estate investing, leadership, team building and personal finance. For someone who is still laying his foundation, finding a mentor can help him avoid potholes he otherwise would not have seen, and is an invaluable asset as both a friend and a counselor.

A mentor is someone who has already done what you have set out to do. Whether that means becoming a successful stock investor, or real estate mogul, your mentor is an expert and is willing to share his experiences. Just as professional baseball players have pitching coaches and managers have leadership coaches, so should budding entrepreneurs have a mentor that can help steer them down the right path.

Accredited Investors

As small, inexperienced investors, we are unable to take advantage of the full range of available investment opportunities. In an effort to protect small investors, the 1933 Securities Act enacted rules about which securities must be registered with the SEC and which can be offered privately. Because registration is time-consuming and expensive, companies with smaller needs may prefer to promote their investment opportunity privately, but because there is less oversight, the SEC allows only wealthy and experienced individual investors to participate, along with qualifying organizations.

Phil Town’s New Site

Phil Town’s new site is up at Check it out for podcasts, news, and calculators! Also check out FreeMoneyFinance who is holding a “Phil Town Day” with articles dedicated to Phil Town all day long.

Our Forums are Growing!

If you want to get advice and information from other investors in the community, consider joining the fast growing InvestorGeeks forums! We’re trying to build a place where investors can come to share their thoughts and bounce ideas off of each other. We’re currently 14 members strong and growing every week, so consider stopping by (more…)

Book Review: Phil Town’s Rule #1

Phil Town’s upcoming book Rule #1 is sure to become an investment classic. I had the pleasure of reading the book after receiving an advanced copy from Crown Publishers, the distributor of the book which is scheduled to be released in March. What I found was a practical, no-nonsense approach to stocks that will do for investing what David Bach’s The Automatic Millionaire did for personal finance. While Town himself admits that the techniques he describes have been used for years, his true genius lies in his ability to translate classic investing principles into a straight-forward approach that can achieve at least 15% returns a year with little risk.