The draggable stock chart is nice. Just click on the stock chart, hold down, and drag it. Sweet.

Mouse over “Related Articles” and a box magically appears. Same thing with Mgmt profiles.

Google is a true innovator:-)

I also like how a Google Group is setup for each ticker, with comments showing up on the stock page. This really has the potential to create a online investment community like we haven’t seen yet. Too bad we couldn’t beat Google to the punch.

What would also be fun is if everyone logged in could rate the stocks on their pages. Big companies like Google could get into a lot of trouble by showing a rating like this, but I’ve always though it would be nice to be able to find out an Average Joe’s consensus of a stock. I’m not saying I would use the rating to make trades; we know how dumb the public can be. 😉 But it would be interesting to note.

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