The media is going to say that the CDU lost because of Greece, the bail out and the airwaves are going to go on, and on, and on about this. But you need to look at the facts much closer.

First look at the winners and losers:

ScreenHunter_01 May. 09 22.09

Look at the results. The CDU, and SPD are the big losers. Also remember that the SPD are a 50 year low. Thus the discussion between the CDU, and SPD is completely beside the point.

Here is what has happened to the SPD throughout the years.

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In fact in the show Anne Will the political analyst (did not catch his name) he said when you have 60% of the people not going to vote you do not have symbolic. You can’t read a rejection of the Greek support because otherwise people would have gone in droves to vote.

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When you look closer at what did motivate people you see that other issues are at the forefront.

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The most important issue is education. Greece as a 50-50 split on importance. Thus it is interesting, but not that interesting. As the political analyst said the important issues were the local issues and on that the CDU, and FDP parties did a poor job.

What you should look at are the Greens and how much they gained. Thus the question is, are the Greens for or against the support for the Euro and Greece?

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The Greens supported the government, even though the SPD did not vote for the package. Simply put Germans were NOT AGAINST the Greek support. What Germans want and this election showed it, they want some social justice! They want the banks regulated, they want speculation controlled, and they want the finance industry to develop some morals. This is the Green position…

So anybody trying to say anything else is missing the point…