Everybody thinks that the Greek demonstrations will continue. I am going to say they will slow down dramatically. Reason?

In einem tödlichen Inferno eskalierten die Proteste in Griechenland. Der Ministerpräsident zeigt sich bestürzt über den Tod dreier Menschen. Eines der Opfer war offenbar eine schwangere Frau.

Let me translate. The demonstrators went heavy with the violence. The police stepped back and used minimal violence. The demonstrators then broke into the bank and set the bank on fire using molotav cocktails. It was at that point that three people became trapped. The firemen could not help for 15 minutes because the demonstrators blocked their way. Thus those three people died.

But to add insult to injury…  One of the people was a pregnant woman!

Dying people is bad, but a pregnant woman adds insult to injury! When I read that my heart just dropped. And from the comments that I have been reading this appears to take quite a bit of wind out of the sail.

As the commentators said, “Greeks have made strikes a pastime, but violence is not part of the Greek way of life.” As a reference Greece has the lowest crime in the world.