I can accept things when they are bad news, or problematic. But I can’t accept things when there is no real reason. The Euro Drop is such an example. 200 pips in a day? That is a 0.2% percentile action. What that tells me is that something is at hand.

The typical response is “Greece”. Really I thought that was ok. Oh now the comment is that these measures will kill Greece. Wow, now that is interesting, give them money you are not solving problems. Make them accept austerity measures and well you are killing the patient.

Well, here is what I think is going on, and it might be suspect as conspiracy. But consider the following link:

Im Zentrum der Wette auf den schwächelnden Euro steht laut «NZZ am Sonntag» die New Yorker Broker-Firma Monness, Crespi, Hardt. Diese Firma soll am 8. Februar bekannte Hedge-Funds-Vertreter zu einem Abendessen in einer New Yorker Privatwohnung eingeladen haben. Dies zu einem Zeitpunkt, als die europäische Gemeinschaftswährung bereits deutlich an Wert verloren hatte.

A bunch of hedge funds got together to plan the take down of the Euro. Interesting, yes? But here is the question. Why not cover after Greece? And this is where I think things will really get interesting. It seems like the analysts are saying, “hey Greece should go bankrupt”.

Why would you want that? CDS’s! How much do you want to bet that those people holding CDS’s are pissed to the point that they want Greece to go bankrupt so that they can cash in.

Does this sound familiar? Remember Lehmans, remember the entire housing market?

Folks the time for CDS’s to go onto an exchange is now! Not tomorrow, now! There is way too much hidden information on CDS’s and they are way to dangerous.

And if you don’t care, you should because wait until they take down something close to you… And they will because they are greedy!