I have been a very very vocal critic of Greece and how I thought they were incapable of tightening their belt. Well I stand corrected!

Greece from what I see I have to say, “thank-you you are showing the kind of metal you are made off. As a Eurozone citizen I am impressed and will support you to the teeth.”

People are still sceptical and think Germany will hemm and haw on this. Folks you don’t understand Germans. If Germans can push their point across and the other side is in an agreement there is no debate or hesitation from a German. Germans are very principle driven and thus so long as Greece fulfills its end of the deal (which I am becoming very convinced of) why second guess Greece? At a certain point of time you have say, “I trust you and will believe that you will do what is right”. You can’t second guess and say this is only a trick.

And I take my hat off to the Greek prime minister Papandreou. You have been thrown into one of the most difficult positions that a politician can face. You have to do the hard job that politicians like to weasel out of. Thus my hat is off to you!

Good luck Greece!