Yet again the Greek boogieman has come out. Greece is going to take down the entire Eurozone. And there are studies on how to kick out a member of the Eurozone. So sell, sell, sell the Euro…

Meanwhile, all Eurozone CEO’s are cheering with each and every downtick. They are thinking, “hey we are going to have good earnings…”  Meanwhile the USD keeps cranking up, and wait until it starts damaging the earnings of the USD. After all was not the idea for the US to export its way out of this misery? Scratch that idea now.

Yet again this shows how the market is affecting the lives of real people!!! I like the market, trust me I do, but I also see the risk and I see how these bonuses are being doled out (I think Goldman’s is going to dole out 20 billion).  This all reminds me of when French royalty was eating cake instead of bread… And we know what happened to French royalty. You think it can’t happen in America? Just watch… It could… But hey I might be proven wrong, after all Goldman’s is doing “God’s work”.

Want to know what I am looking at right now? Greek companies that have been ripped to shreds…  That is a contrarian play if I ever saw one. And they are showing up on my equity scanner.