The tablet form factor is about to get very very interesting. Lenovo just made a bunch of announcements on new devices including a tablet.

I looked at the specs of the tablet and have to say I am impressed. But what impresses me even further is the price:

Like the Skylight, Lenovo’s asking for $499 for the IdeaPad S10-3T, but unlike the Skylight, the S10-3T looks like it’s actually worth the money.

All I can say is wow! That is very affordable and I am tempted to believe it will trump the Apple iSlate. I especially love the ability to split the tablet from the keyboard. This is exactly what I want for the price I want. I know my wife will love this device as well.

Normally we would say hey but this is Apple, and I reply hey this Lenovo and they make good notebooks as well. This could be very very interesting, for Lenovo that is!!!