I just read the news from WSJ on the iTablet. My wife wants to buy an AirMac, and I have an iPod Touch and am about to buy and iPhone. Recently I had a Powerbook. But I will not be buying an iTablet.


Cost! At a 1,000 USD it is simply to expensive as a secondary device.

My wife has a netbook and she loves it. It is portable, runs fast enough and let’s her do the things that the iTablet is geared towards. I am very sure we would love this gadget. But the netbook is cheap and as such it is an easy secondary buy.

Once we hit the 1,000 USD price level the purchase shifts from secondary to primary. ESPECIALLY in these economic conditions.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I am sure I will want this device and will lust for it. But at a 1,000 USD this is a no-can-do. Even Amazon understands this by pricing their kindle at under 300 USD. At 1,000 USD you are at the price level of my HP tablet. Yes it is clunky and will not be as nice as an iTablet, but at least I can type, do emails, and other stuff with it.

What price level would interest me? 500 USD! I would buy the iTablet in a heart beat if it were priced at 500 USD…