In 2007 I wrote a blog entry entitled “Who Shives a Ghit About Global Warming.” In that blog entry I did not deny that there was a problem. In fact not disputing that at all. I just pointed out that NOTHING will happen and that we should be doing something about the ramifications of climate change.

Jens said the following:

I’ll admit I’m not perfect in my own handling of it, but I personally feel with your site (which seems dedicated to “not” helping the world) is only worstening the problem by perhaps bringing others to the same “I give up” conclusion. I therefore ask you to re-consider your point-of-view.

I actually did not change my opinion, and think that our leaders and people will do squat about it until the problems are already too far along. It is now almost 3 years later and what have we achieved?

Treibhausgase: Viel geredet – nichts erreicht

Trotz aller Bemühungen sind die weltweiten CO2-Emissionen durch Öl, Kohle und andere fossile Brennstoffe in diesem Jahrzehnt bereits um 29 Prozent gestiegen. Die Aussichten sind trübe.

Translated, we have achieved NOTHING, NADA, ZIP, ZILCH, ZERO, DICKSQUAT! Am I happy? No, and btw I am completely convinced we have global warming. I am starting to see how our climate in Switzerland has changed.

As was said in the article, and what I said in my 2007 blog entry:

«Der einzige Weg, den Klimawandel in den Griff zu bekommen, ist eine drastische Reduzierung der globalen CO2-Emissionen», betonte die Forschungsleiterin Corinne Le Quéré anlässlich der Publikation.

To make any change we need to dramatically change our ways NOW!

Of course like then as now nothing will happen!

Environment ministers made progress on Tuesday towards a scaled-down climate deal in Copenhagen next month, with Washington facing pressure to promise deep cuts by 2020 in greenhouse gas emissions.

Sure everybody will make dramatic cuts… What about that pension problem? Have we solved that? Or how about health care? Any solutions?  And did I forget to tell you that I could sell you a bridge in New York?

What I think will happen is as follows:

  • Southwest of the US will dry out and become a desert.
  • Spain, and southern Europe will become a desert.
  • Northern Europe will become much cooler.
  • Canada will stay the same with some increasing temperatures (very noticeable in the north), except more snow.
  • Russia will become a bread basket of agriculture for Asia.
  • Greenland might even become more green.

Of course many will argue, “who’s fault is it?” I say who cares! The end result is still the same and people need to start thinking on how things will turn out.

Part of the reason why I thought we would go nowhere with climate control is because humans are dumb from a psychology point of view. We react, and rarely prevent.