Last night I was reading in the Swiss paper that Egypt is planning on introducing a veil ban. Though the interesting part is who wants to introduce this ban.

Egypt’s top Islamic cleric is planning to ban students wearing the face veil from entering the schools of al-Azhar, Sunni Islam’s premier institute of learning, according to an independent daily Monday.

While a vast majority of Egyptian women wear the headscarf, only a few wear the niqab, which covers the face and is common in neighboring Saudi Arabia which practices the more conservative form of Wahhabi Islam. The trend seems to gaining ground in the Arab world’s most populous country.

The majority of Islamic scholars say the face veil is not required but is merely a custom that dates back to tribal, nomadic societies living in the Arabian desert before Islam began.

“Niqab has nothing to do with Islam…I know about religion better than you and your parents,” the cleric was quoted as telling the student.

“We all agree that niqab is not a religious requirement,” Bayoumi said. “Taliban forces women to wear the niqab… The phenomena is spreading” and it has to be confronted, he added. “The time has come.”

FINALLY! It is about time somebody confronts the extremists in Saudi Arabia, Taliban, and the other extremists. There is nothing wrong with the Muslim faith, but there is something wrong with the extremists who are causing pain and heartache. So to see a cleric stand up and say something counts in my book as a mountain being moved.

You want to know the sad part about this, I bet this bit of news will not make the mainstream news! Yet if a Muslim was to commit any act of violence it will be plastered across all headlines. Sad!