Cramer has stuck his neck on the line as he is saying that the market will keep going up. Even though Doug Kass has said this was it.

Ok folks, want to know what is going on? Summer is ending and the pension funds, and all of the other bigger investors are taking a dump. They missed the rally and now at the end of the year they need to tell their investors on why they should get that plane, and that house on Cape Cod.

So Cramer is sticking his neck out and saying that the market will continue on. The problem right now is that previous recessions it has shown that the market did not do a pullback. It just kept going up and up.

I stand by my original thesis, there will be a pullback quite soon. This pullback will one where the bears will pour it on so that the bulls question their thesis. And at the moment when all expect a W recovery the market will rebound and rip the heads off the bears!

BTW I wish Pimco would stop using the metaphor SUGAR HIGH!

And oh from this point on all readers should be very very sceptical of anybody that is commenting on the market.

I want everybody to say whether they are long, short, and what they want to do. Many are talking their playbook and that is not fair to the typical retail investor. Those are the words that make you loose faith in the market.

Disclosure: I am long sitting on a 38% cash, but selling premium.