I was thinking from Bill’s comment in my last blog entry that maybe it is time to start a new normal in investing. I looked at MFI, buy and hold, etc investing styles. I myself am a contrarian and hence bought like a maniac. But right now I am struggling to find buys that interest me. Though there are some, but I am nervous of buying them.

Thus as a mental exercise I was thinking, why not chronicle and write about investing styles? I was wondering if there would be an interest by the readers to help write a wiki on how to invest in this day and age? It is not about talking about individual stocks, but about how to pick stocks.

When you look at MFI, contrarian there are always nice neat formulas, but with this pullback those formulas failed. To make money you needed to adapt. Thus I wonder if would make sense to come up with a new paradigm that is an evolution of the old paradigms?

Anybody interested? Send me an email at christianhgross at gmail dot com…