The separation of Google from Apple is in itself telling. People are saying, its about time and that there were plenty of conflicts. Sure, that’s all baked into the situation. But why did this happen now? Why not earlier? Many say, its because Google is competing with Apple in the mobile, and netbook (even though Apple has no netbook). Why now?

I did not think anything about it, and just ignored it until my jog today. Jogging gives me time to think about things and reflect.

I thought what if there is a major conflict going on? What if Schmidt did something that he should not have? After all mobile has been along for a while. But what is new is Chrome and the netbook. But then that raises the point that Apple is not doing a netbook, but maybe a tablet.

Everybody seems to think that Apple is doing a tablet like this bigger tablet pictured at zdnet. But would Steve Jobs get angry on something that will not compete with Google? After all there is Android. Then I thought what if Apple is doing a netbook? Then that would put Google and Apple square into each other sights. Though again that’s not new.

But what if Schmidt was planning on doing a similar form factor to Apple? Here is where things could get very interesting. What if Schmidt is seen stealing from Apple? That would be grounds for the wrath of Steve Jobs.

Thought the question many will have is why on earth would Google do a tablet? After all it is baked in that Apple is doing a tablet. What if the rumours are wrong and Apple is doing a netbook?

What might this netbook look like? What if I said it is an Nokia N97? I am thinking it is something along these lines because when I played with the N97 it was very sweet and comfortable. I feel it is an extremely well designed product (crappy software), but very ergonomic. What is quite unique is the flip mechanism of the screen something that makes this device both a tablet and netbook like device.

Now imagine the screen being 10” instead of the N97 size and imagine a screen being flip up like the Nokia. That would be an absolutely killer design. and with Apple’s software abilities an absolutely sweet device. It would fly off the selves like hot cakes.

This then got me to thinking, what if Schmidt and Chrome are doing something similar? Jobs would be absolutely livid! Livid enough to make Schmidt resign. Even thought Nokia is one of the first out with this design.

Though who knows…  Just idle thoughts from a jog…