logo_wssThis is a paid review…

I haven’t been doing many paid reviews lately, but have a couple extra minutes and could use the $15 (or so?) for InvestorGeeks and this site looks pretty cool anway.

Wall Street Survivor is a free fantasy stock market game. You’ve probably seen many of these around. CNBC does a pretty popular one. Like the CNBC one, this game comes along with prizes you can win. Currently there is a contest to win $100k.

Now, these contests I imagine are extremely hard to win. And you basically would have to do a balls out trading strategy to make it since you’re competing with thousands of others. Then again, maybe it is good to practice balls out strategies. (Like Christopher’s last post.)

I created a portfolio, which started with $100k. I had $300k of buying power, so I guess I have margin. That is pretty cool. You can buy stocks, short stocks, and trade options. The interface isn’t too bad, though some of the ads get in the way sometimes. But after a while, you will be able to execute things smoothly.

They also seem to have a lot of research and reading to browse through on the site. Not bad. There are quotes and charts, and “advanced charts” to look through. The charts are decent, with predefined moving averages and stuff like stochastics. You will probably want to use another service for your charts though.

So check it out. If someone knows of a better fantasy stock site, let me know.