My brother who lives in Russia, and travels all over the former Soviet countries gave me a call on Skype. He timidly asked, "how is your portfolio?" I replied some good some bad. Not complaining.

I ask, why the interest in the market. He replied "I want to start trading commodities." I asked, "huh?" You the reader know how much I think of trading commodities, don’t need to explain that one. But my brother seems to have a knack for knowing the movements of commodities. Around 2006 he said, "Christian you got to invest in platinum." He asked, what do you think of X. I said, "Simon no idea because I don’t know the commodity market."

So I am now helping him to open a trading account to trade commodities. Though what was interesting was how he talked about the future. He was bubbly about commodities. Though not all of them, only specific ones.

He said, paraphrasing:

"Christian you should get out of your bunker for a while and smell the air. The economy is humming along quite nicely. Demand is increasing again… and I think we have hit the bottom of commodities…"

While I don’t want to talk about what brother thinks is a good buy he did say not to touch gold. He thinks there is an oversupply of Gold on the market. While he said Gold might go up he is bearish.