Wait Wait I need a rate cut… No Wait Wait I need more liquidity…  No Wait Wait I need a common European approach…  No Wait Wait I need capitulation…

Get the idea! When I hear these traders I just gag! I am not kidding here.

Let me put it simple. The traders are up shit’s creek without a paddle, boat, instruction manual, whatever. So until these prima donnas get what they want they will keep dropping the market.

What I find pathetic is that there are stocks trading in the 4 PE level. I mean come on people 4! I am not talking forward PE. I am talking past PE. So if this company makes only a third of their profit from last year they will have a PE of 12!

Yes the companies are making less money and calculating PE based on dropping earnings is a bad idea. BUT this is all relative.

So here is my plan.

  1. Take the billions and billions of dollars and create an industrial fund. This means small business, business can tap this fund for monies needed to run their business.
  2. Like all of the banks in Europe guarantee the bank accounts for their full amounts.
  3. Give the middle finger to the financial community.

I am being harsh because the financial community is not playing by the rules. They keep hoarding and hoarding and hoarding. So obviously this is not working. So with my approach you keep the core economy running, but the financial’s will drop off the cliff. And you know what maybe it is time that these folks are left to swim or sink.